“Healthy isn’t a goal. It is a way of living

So how do you make healthy living a way of life? We at Opceden® strive to help you make this transformation. Our company was founded by three passionate and committed entrepreneurs. Ed, Hud and Phil wanted health supplements that best complement the modern lifestyle needs of their families and friends. The fruit of their labor, Opceden® Natural and Therapeutic Supplements was established to meet the fast growing needs for quality nutritional and complementary health products.


Wanna Know More About Our Oatssential Powder Supplement?

Natural oat bran contains oat beta-glucan, a soluble form of fibre, which can form a viscous layer lining our intestines, restricting the uptake of cholesterol and consequently lowering blood cholesterol level. Experts suggested consuming 3g or more oat beta-glucan daily can help lowering blood cholesterol level and the risk of cardiovascular disease.