Opceden Bilberry Eyebright Plus Chewable Tablets


Quantity: 60 Chewable tablets

A tasty eye defense chewable tablet formulated specially for your child.

A child’s learning and vision are closely connected. Most of what a child learns in school is information that is presented visually. Promoting good eye health is essential for a child’s intellectual development.

Opceden Bilberry Eyebright Plus Chewable Tablets is an all-natural five-in-one formulation, containing Lutein, Grape Seed, Bilberry, Eyebright and Wolfberry extract, to help protect the eyes from oxidative damages caused by digital devices and strong sunlight.

Contains no artificial colouring and flavouring, no sugar added, preservative free.

This formula is also suitable for adults!


  • Tasty chewable tablet, suitable for children and adults
  • Xylitol can help prevent dental cavities and plague
  • Help protect against blue light emitted by electronic devices
  • Helps soothe dry and strained eyes

Recommended For

  • Maintaining general eye health
  • Students
  • Outdoor workers (exposure to UV-rays for long hours)
  • Long hour digital device users
  • Contact lens users (tired and sensitive eyes)


Per serving (4 tablets)

  • Floraglo® Lutein — 10mg
  • Grape Seed Extract — 22mg of proanthocyanin
  • Bilberry Extract
  • Eyebright Extract
  • Wolfberry Extract


  • Adult — 2-4 tablets, a day
  • Children (6-12 years old) — 2 tablets a day