Opceden Bilberry Eyebright Plus


Quantity: 60 x 300mg capsules

A comprehensive five-in-one formula for maintaining eye health.

 Opceden Bilberry Eyebright Plus is formulated with 5 natural ingredients, containing lutein, zeaxanthin and various antioxidants to help reduce digital eye strain and defend against harmful environmental factors encountered every day.

  • FloraGLO® Lutein – Helps filter harmful blue light that can impair vision. Our body cannot produce lutein and should be obtained through diet.
  • Bilberry Extract – Helps strengthens small blood vessels in our eyes, improve microcirculation and nourish our eyes.
  • Grape Seed Extract – An antioxidant that helps combat oxidative damages caused by UV lights and other environmental factors.
  • Eyebright Extract – A herb traditionally used to help relieve eye conditions such as dry and red eyes.
  • Wolfberry – A source of Zeaxanthin and a traditionally used to maintain eye health.


  • Protect eyes against oxidative damages
  • Help prevents degenerative macular symptoms
  • Helps soothe dry and strained eyes
  • Helps improve night vision

Recommended For

  • Student
  • Senior adult
  • Computer users
  • Contact lens users
  • Those who work outdoors (exposed to UV)


  • Adult — 1-2 capsules a day
  • 12-19 years old — 1 capsule a day