Opceden Memomaz

Quantity: 30 x 1,000mg chewable tablets

Tasty chewable tablet for longer focus and better learning

Our brain consumes over 20 percent of total body energy at rest, and it consumes more when we are focusing or studying. Citicoline is an essential brain nutrient which increases brain energy reserves and raises levels of neurotransmitters, providing power to our cells for a sharper brain. Studies have shown that citicoline provides nutrients for brain to stay sharp, to improve attention, focus and psychomotor speed (faster reaction).

Opceden Memomaz is a tasty chewable tablet formulated with proprietary CognizinⓇ to fuel our mental performance. It gives us a boost in alertness and focus, supports information retention and recall, helping us and our children to learn faster


  • Cognizin® Citicoline® is clinically proven to improve brain health
  • Tasty chewable tablets suitable for kids
  • Contains natural sweetener (Xylitol) to help prevent dental cavities and plaque
  • Improve memory and thinking speed
  • Fortified with multivitamins and
  • Enhance focus and concentration

Recommended For

  • Schoolchildren
  • Students
  • Working adults
  • Athletes
  • General brain health


  • Citicoline(Cognizin) — 65mg
  • Ascorbic Acid — 50mg
  • L-Lysine Monohydrochloride — 50mg


  • For children aged 6-12: 1 tablet daily before meal
  • For teenagers aged 13-18: 1-2 tablets daily before meal
  • For adults: 2-4 tablets daily before meal