Opceden Milk Thistle Plus


Quantity: 60 x 300mg capsules

Liver tonic for a healthy liver

Milk thistle has been used centuries for liver detoxification. Modern research shows that the core component of milk thistle, silymarin, helps scavenge free radicals, enhance regeneration of liver cells and prevent fatty liver. Liver, the largest gland in the body is responsible for cleaning and detoxifying our blood. Harmful external factors such as alcohol, certain food additives, smoking, industrial pollution adds stress to our liver and may cause liver dysfunction.

Opceden Milk Thistle Plus contains 3 active ingredients: Milk Thistle, Dandelion and Rhizoma Gastrodiae, which synergistically strengthens and protect liver against damaging toxins and free radicals, maintaining your liver and gallbladder at an optimum condition. Dandelion and Rhizoma Gastrodiae (Tian Ma), like milk thistle, are also traditionally used to maintain a health liver and gallbladder function.


  • Strengthens liver, helps in detoxification
  • Maintain optimum gallbladder function
  • Helps maintain healthy cholesterol level
  • Detoxifies the liver as well as protects it against damage from toxins, alcohol and other negative effects
  • Promotes regeneration and repair of liver cells, reverses liver damage.

Recommended For

  • Smokers
  • Regular alcohol drinkers
  • People with poor liver function
  • People with unhealthy diet and stressful lifestyle
  • People on long tern medications
  • General health maintenence


  • Silybum Marianum Extract 80% Silymarin (Milk Thistle Extract) — 200mg
  • Herba Taraxacum Mongolicum Extract 4:1 (Dandelion Extract) — 50mg
  • Rhizoma Gastrodiae Extract 5:1 (Gastrodia Tuber Extract) — 50mg


1-2 tablets, twice a day