Opceden Toco-Enols


“The best anti-oxidants for your healthy living!”

Quantity: 60 x 440mg softgel

A potent antioxidant for signs of aging, cardiovascular and oxidative stress protection.

Tocotrienol is a form of Vitamin E that has 50 times higher antioxidant potency compared to its tocopherol counterpart.  Its long unsaturated side chain provides the powerful antioxidant activity, which has shown by clinical studies to help reduce cholesterol, reduce clogged arteries that are related to heart attack and stroke, reduce certain risk of cancers and support brain, liver and cardiovascular health.

Each Opceden Toco-Enols contains 60mg of Tocotrienols, with isomers:

  • d-Alpha-Tocotrienols ………21.84mg
  • d-Beta-Tocotrienols ……….2.58mg
  • d-Gamma-Tocotrienols ………25.80mg
  • d-Delta-Tocotrienols ………9.98mg

100% naturally derived from palm oil

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  • Potent antioxidant to defend against oxidative stress
  • Maintain healthy cardiovascular function
  • Cholesterol maintenance
  • Maintain brain and liver health
  • Helps in UV related skin ageing such as wrinkle and pigmentation
  • Maintain general health

Recommended For

  • People with signs of ageing
  • People at risks of cardiovascular disease
  • Cholesterol maintenance
  • Brain and liver health maintenance
  • Skin ageing and pigmentation
  • People who smokes or drinks
  • General health maintenance


1 – 4 capsule daily